Grant’s Turn at DM

Grant’s Turn at DM


Party wakes up per usual morning & everyone is bustling around… At the Inn, over breakfast, Agni gets lifted violently off the ground. His wrists are almost glowing… one arm extends and points the other arm points at the members off the party and forms a fist… (implies all the party should follow Agni) Twodi (freaky monster) starts wailing in Agni’s mind ‘We must, we must, we must’… Agni gets a clear vision of a subteranean cavern in his mind hazy but zooms in to a white furry fist picking up and clutching a black pearl.


Perdut – As penance for his theft against the white snakes is told to go on a scouting mission to find the black wolves in the woods and count goblins and array of fortifications but to NOT engage with any of the Goblin forces. If he is successful the white snakes may use him as a scout until they feel he has absolved himself.


Agni and party led by Twodie make their way to the mountains…

They must first get around the Goblin army and avoid scout parties –


3x Goblins Scouts 2x Wolves
Goblin Scouts – Stats
Wolves – Stats


Finding themselves at the base of the mountains, led by twodie they find a path he then slips into a barely visible crack into the mountains – the party follows into the crevice it’s rough terrain, hard to see…

The crevice joins a larger path which looks to be used by Drow as a thoroughfare – Twodie rushes them down to the entrance of a larger cavern (avoiding drow- but aware of a new danger)- The party comes across a fleeing group of Quaggoths (4) –


Fleeing Quaggoths…

4x Quaggoth’s (M&F)
Quahggoth – Stats

The Quaggoths seem more intent on fleeing than fighting. (up to party to engage or not)
If they engage; they alert the final Bosses
If they avoid they; following Twodie deeper they eventually find brain jars with Ithillid tadpoles – and find 2 mind flayers – who have been alerted to the presence of a dark pearl and came to obtain it… and begun takings Quaggoths as thralls in the hope to find the black pearl.


4x Quaggoths Thralls – recently dominated
2x Arcanist Mindflayers (can make 1 if too difficult)

Mindflayers , – Stats
Quahggoth Thralls – Stats

They battle and Agni gets a pearl – One mind flayer escapes to the astral plain – but due to the hive mind they are all aware that there is a troupe and a member of the troupe is the minion of an Aboleth.

Possible Larger Threads to tie in…

The troupe find a notebook belonging to Cessa’s father who was also searching for the black pearls – it’s splattered with blood but otherwise intact.


They discover the corpse of a high elf ranger and a notebook that was instructing the ranger to look for the black pearl here, not too touch it AT ALL but to retrieve it safely and return to the High Elves as instructed by Giovanni – Perduts Father (leader of Les Peres de destin)