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Day 14 – Barcelona, As Best We Can


Dawn arrives like an unwanted guest. The pace we have set ourselves exploring and always moving is becoming draining. But Barcelona is waiting and it’s rude to keep a lady waiting.

I’m sorry to say that we only gave Barcelona a day, she deserves so much more. We tell ourselves we’ll come back… I hope we do.

We organise ourselves and join the day. We get overwhelmed by public transport, we explore Les Ramblas, we take in the mighty Catedral De Barcelona and lose ourselves in the La Boqueria Food market. We shop the tiny streets, find souvenirs and keepsakes, we rest when we’re tired but we hound ourselves to keep exploring.

We fly to Morroco tomorrow and will leave much of our stuff in storage. We have more organising to do so as the afternoon draws in we head back to our hotel. We catch the wrong train and end up close to Tarragona. We’re saved by the kindness of strangers that can relate to travel in a foreign country, we tell ourselves everything happens for a reason and up in Sitges to catch the right train. We get back to our hotel hours after our intended time and rush to prepare ourselves for the next day… I’m giddy about tomorrow’s leg, unsure of what Marrakech has in stall for us.

Packed, fed, tired we fall asleep the alarm is set early.