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Despite approaching the trip steadily for months there is always madness at the end. I’m writing this overlooking our scruffy kitchen, that was only a few days ago described by our rental lady as ‘pristine’. Walking through the house it’s easy to see that it has fallen victim to the same last minute madness that I imagine is the prelude to most extended overseas trips –  It has become a shitty legacy for our house sitters (I’m sorry guys).

I left the office (shout out to the Various Artists Maroochydore ) with the realisation that we will back on the other side of the winter solstice, that we like the birds will fly to warmer places and escape the winter. Our destination Europe, North Africa and Singapore. Specifically, France, Spain, Morrocco, Italy, Switzerland then home via Singapore – a significant trip, a great adventure but one of the many contained within our lives.

I’ve got to keep this quick, we leave in half an hour. I’ll blog as frequently as I can and encourage Sandi and Willow to do the same, I’d like this be an archive that we can look back on and smile. Something that we can enjoy and even add to. So, quickly….

Apologies and Special Mentions;

Cybil and Sam – Thank you for taking on Bishop (dumpy, black cocker spaniel) last minute. As always I owe you, I love you both and you have become family. I am in your debt and I am beyond grateful for everything you bring into my life.

Matt and Katie – Thank you for house sitting, we know you will look after the place as if it were your own. Enjoy your break, I’m sure the weather will turn good soon.

Wayne and the VA crew – Thank you for making this possible. Flexibility is great in theory but in practice… well, let’s just same I’m grateful for the opportunity and the open-mindedness. I hope none of the wheels fall off while I’m away and that I’m welcomed back with a sigh of relief (if only for my only vanity – after all everyone want’s to be missed).

Jye and Fran – I wish I could be there for the launch of The Privateer Barber Shop – Be proud mate it’s a hell of an achievement, I know it will be a success.

Gav and Claire – Thanks for the last minute house sitting option, I’ll make sure the requested ‘trinket’ payment is worth the job. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ewen – MiSale can work, I’ll be on Facetime if there is a fire that needs to put out, don’t drown and I will come back 🙂

To Everyone I’ve missed – I can edit this and add you in later. Thanks in advance for letting me know and huge thanks to everyone who has made this possible for us.

..and Uncle Bretto – If I didn’t give you a special mention you’d only give me grief. Sorry I missed you.

On leaving…

This trip has been Sandi’s baby, guiltily I’ve sat back and let the whir of excitement that stemmed from it become background noise to the everyday routines of life as we know it – work, sleep, rest, play. It’s approach largely ignored by safer mundane everyday rites that define us and so it occurs to me that it may be the best thing for me, for us and for our family. To have an adventure before the desire to see the world falls by the wayside and is replaced the humdrum melody of routine. It will be for Willow (my daughter) the greatest education she will have received in her young life, for my Sandi (my wife) the accumulation and end point of years of hard work and dedication. For myself, I’m not sure… I haven’t anticipated this trip, I don’t tremble with excitement, perhaps that will be it for me to taste adventure again. To forget and lose only to remember and find – Wish me luck.