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Day 19 – 20 Montpellier

We arrive at Montpellier after crossing from Spain it’s late, a full 7 hours of driving after coming from Morocco has made for a long day. We check in, explore a little, eat out and head back for rest. Our brief exploration in Montpellier serves to whet our appetites to see more.

Montpellier is a university city, ‘new’ by the standards of the old world. It has an energy to it the people are friendly and seems less tourist driven. I like it, but after a brief respite, we must continue our journey.

Day 20 – 21 Paille

We drive towards Italy and stay at a village called Paille high in the Alps behind the French Rivera.  Our trip up is a long narrow road, surrounded by beauty. Paille is a beautiful village, like all of the villages we’ve visited it is steeped in history; old churches, winding twisting alleyways, secrets hidden in the past. I’m a little over villages, Sandi is enthralled by each and everyone, Palle? however proves an exception due to its scenic location, while Sandi is engrossed in discovery cobblestones and history I’m lost in the village’s setting. Built into the mountain with a  long stretching view, the air cool and crisp seems the first breath of freshness I’ve breathed in weeks. We take it in, explore dinner and breakfast at the same old pub and soon we miss continue.

Italy, Monte Rosso is our next stop and we have so much driving ahead to get there. We get back into the car, we bid farewell to France and drive.