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Day 25 – Tuscany 

We arrange a last minute three-night stay at Tuscany that would have otherwise been spent in Monte Rosso. Our accommodation is in a large Tuscan mansion that has been owned by one family since the 1500’s. Our host Pearla seems warm and wonderful over the phone but we’ve become sceptical. Somehow since arriving in Italy, we’ve realised that we are over halfway through our journey, torn between making the most of it and looking forward to the familiar.

Pearla is as amazing as she seems, motherly almost. Imagine the famed Italian mamma greeting in you the in the warmth of a Tuscan summer’s evening and abundance of Wine and home cooked food following in her wake. Her exclamation and fussing of Willow, her seemingly endless smile and good nature envelop us. Here is the Italy that we wanted, the famed hospitality and warmth that turns it around for us.

We go to bed tired, full, comfortable and eagerly awaiting tomorrow.

Day 26 – Florence

Florence is a romantic city, the home of the Renaissance. We set to it catching a bus from our village of Impruneta. One line, a scant few stops we’re comforted by the simplicity of the trip compared to some of our other public transport mishaps. We arrive by the remnants of the old wall of Florence and begin.

A simple breakfast for Willow and Sandi of pastries (you wouldn’t believe how many pastries, croissants and gelato my girls have eaten this trip) and we head off. Walking has become a lot easier, we’ve done so much of it.

We walk into the centre of Florence, we visit the Florence Cathedral. Sandi and I run through the Medici family history and like all old cities our minds wander the history of the place as our feet walk on its contemporary ground.

It is hot today and we have walked far. We head back towards the bus stop and explore the Medici gardens on the way, it is the afternoon the city a haze in the background silenced by the gardens.

Slowly the romance and history of Florence fades away and we head back to our accommodation.

Day 27 – Sienna

We head to Sienna. Greeted by the influx of tourists in peak season and the hottest day in summer I can’t enjoy it. I becoming jaded I’m aware, I remind myself that each moment is precious and will soon be gone and it is unlikely that we will return anytime soon. But, I can’t bully myself into it, despite the beauty of Sienna it becomes more of the same. Sandi is in a similar frame of mind so, we leave. We both need the rest, only Willow seems boundless in her enthusiasm.