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This feels long overdue, Provence in the South of France feels like a distant memory already. Time seems to be moving far too quickly, as is always the way when you spend it as you wish. The memories are already beginning to fade, their edges dulled. It is both time’s cruelty and its kindness. I wish you were there and that you could take it in as we did, maybe one day. For now, I hope I can do it justice and I hope you will forgive me for falling woefully short, as surely I will.

Where to start… The strange yellow flowers that grow by the roadside and smell of sandalwood, cinnamon and rose. The icy feel of the water of Fontaine DeVelacluse after walking in the summer’s heat, the sudden coolness as the waterwheel turns in L’isle De La Sorgue, the way the sun beats down on the cobblestones of Lacoste or perhaps the purple of lavender fields a vivid and stark contrast to Roussillon’s ochre. Maybe, the blue and warm waters of Verdon Gorge or even the flowing waterfall of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. Or maybe just at the beginning.

Despite our misadventure, we arrive in the South of France it is every bit the beauty that we are led to believe it is…

Day 6 – Our village L’isle De La Sorgue

Sick of driving we explore the village and take it easy.

Day 7 – Gordes, Roussillon, Lacoste

Further abroad we tick off three villages that have long been on Sandi’s bucket list.

Day 8 – Avignon & the Palace of Papal, Marcs Advice leads us to Fontane De Velacluse

Feeling confident with driving we head to Avignon and meet up Marc who tells us we must visit Fontaine De Velacluse. Here the river Sorgue starts emerging from deep springs underneath the mountains, a place of hermits, Saints, Dragons, ruins and adventure.

Day 9 – Verdon Gorge

The Grand Canyon of France.